Grand Words From Our Senior

Christian Recorder: August 25, 1898

Dr. T.W. Henderson, our General Publisher, has written immortality upon his brow in the new musical Hymnal which he has given the church. It is not only a large pulpit edition, but it is prefaced with a series of historical facts, not only bearing upon our own endeavors to supply our church with sacred songs but the endeavors of other Methodist Churches as well. The tunes are of all grades, from the highest and most artistic to the plainest and most spiritual. No one with a spark of grace can sing or hear sung many of those solemn poems set to the most spiritualizing music without catching on fire. We are bold to say that we do not believe that the book is equaled, much less surpassed, by any of the Hymnals of the land. For once-thank God- we have reached a plane in our own publication, that will leave all of our ministers and choirs without an excuse if they do not patronize our own publication, and are found running after other sacred songbooks published by other denominations; for we challenge any church to produce a better one. And as the Bishop of Alabama, Georgia and Africa, we direct, enjoin and order all of our pastors and choirs, capable of singing by musical notes, to supply themselves and churches with our new musical Hymnal as rapidly as they can furnish the money to do so, and do away with other musical Hymnals, and thus unify our tunes. For our own publication is equal to every want of our church east, west, north or south.

H M. Turner.
Atlanta, Ga.

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