Christian Recorder: July 25, 1889

WHEREAS, we, the Bishops of the African M.E. Church, in official capacity convened, have heard the statements of Rev. Samuel J. Campbell, the representative of our church on the West Coast of Africa, and have seen his letters of recommendation from several of the most eminent men of the Republic of Liberia as well as from members of our own church, and
WHEREAS, Hhe has presented to our Council plans for the future benefit of our mission work there, which appear to be wise and timely and which will be of small cost in comparison to the possible results of the good we are seeking to accomplish, and

WHEREAS, we believe the time has arrived in the Providence of God when our Church should awake to our duty and responsibility to endeavor to advance the cause of Christ in that dark continent.

Resolved, that we are highly gratified with the report of Rev. S. J. Campbell, and express our appreciation of his labors and the many sacrifices he has made in the interest of our church.

Resolved, that the plans proposed meet our approval, and that we instruct the Rev. J. M. Townsend, D D., the Secretary of Missions, and the Board of Missions with whom he operates, to proceed at once to raise the amount asked for, and that the said Rev. S. J. Campbell be utilized to aid the measure in whatever way may appear practical.

Resolved, that the twelve hundred ($1200) asked for may be divided into two installments, and that full reports be made of the expenditure of the first six hundred dollars before the remainder is forwarded.

Resolved, that Rev. S. J. Campbell be regarded as an honored guest of the Church in America and that we recommend him to our ministers and members throughout the country. H. M. Turner.

A copy of this is given to Brother S. J. Campbell by order of the Council of Bishops.

H. M. Turner, Bishop

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