The Bishop Dickerson Monument
Christian Recorder: November 7, 1889

Ministers and members of the A. M E. Church- I am tired of passing Woodbury, N. J. and seeing the grave of our late Bishop Wm. F. Dickerson, D. D., without a head or foot slab to mark the spot of his interment, especially so after all the demonstration we made at his death, and the great number of eulogistic articles which were written and published subsequently about him in our church organs, I do not believe our ministry would knowingly allow this thing to exist, if they were apprised of it, so I now inform you that there is not a board or shingle at the head or foot of his grave. Therefore let all who will give a dollar or more to help purchase a marble slab or monument for his grave, send it to Rev B. F. Lee, D.D., 631 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa., who will act as treasurer of this fund, and acknowledge the same through THE CHRISTIAN RECORDER. While the late Bishop sleeps in Woodbury besides his father, mother, sisters, and brothers, his name and services belong to the church. Let all who will send their contribution to the Dr. Lee at once.
H. M. Turner, $2.00; B. F. Lee, $2.00; W.H. Yeocum, $1.00

*The Recorder ran the same above article on November 28, 1889, with the added names below.


Rev. C. II. Green, P.E…… 1 00
Rev. G. A. Milla…….. 1 00
Rev. F. F. Smith……… 1 00

Rev. II. Young……. 1 00
Mrs. Ellen G. Young……. 1 00

Rev. James Hollon……. 1 00

Rev. I. Derricks…….. 1 00
Rev. I. H. W. West……. 1 00

Rev. W. W. Brown…… 1 00
Rev. J. W. Telfair…….. 1 00

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