Silver Anniversary of Bishops Wayman and Campbell
Christian Recorder: January 3, 1889

Revs. C. T. Shaffer, John W. Beckett, W.H. Heard, L.C. Chambers, George W. Brodie and W.H. Davis, Pastors of the A.M.E. Churches of Philadelphia.

Whereas, Bishops Wayman and Campbell were elected and ordained to Episcopal office (or order as I believe) in May 1864, and

Whereas, may 1889 will be twenty-five years they have been serving the church in that responsible but burdensome position, during a time too, when great pioneer work had to be superintended, and great risk of health, life and judgment had to be ventured, a task they have been equal to, as all will admit, as well as marvelously preserved in the meantime.
It appears to the Bishop of the First Episcopal District, in which they were elected and ordained, that we, in behalf of the whole connection, should tender them a silver anniversary reception, in the form of a dinner. The anniversary to continue at least two days, and to include music, sacred song and speeches from distinguished ministers and other persons of note from any part of the country. The seat of the anniversary of course, to be in Bethel Church where they were elected and consecrated, but all the churches in the city to help and have a share of the talent that will be present from all parts of the nation. You will ask the Senior Bishop to preside. But if he for any cause cannot, the next in the rank of seniority. I hope you will invite passing the Bishops above named, publish a street and number where presents to either can be directed by such as may desire to send them a piece of silver or any other present, as many may desire to manifest their respects by letters, presents, or mementoes. I leave the machinery of the whole matter in your hands. But it is our duty to do something to make the occasion memorable in our history as a church. Yours Respectfully. You can draw upon me for ten dollars in meeting expenses.

H. M. Turner

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