Bishop Payne’s Book
Christian Recorder: September 10, 1885

Ministers and members of the Fifth Episcopal District, and of Virginia and North Carolina, A. M. E. Church: --Bishop Payne, our great Senior, has just given the Church and the world a book entitled, “Domestic Education,” which I have just finished reading, and I am positively at a loss for words to express my estimate of its value. It is simple, comprehensive and practical, yet learned, classical and philosophical. It should be the text-book of every minister in the A. M. E. Church, and made a part of every sermon for the next twenty-five years. He has treated the very subject of all others the negro race most needs enlightenment upon, without which we are destined to go to the wall. Every young man and wife and the land should make the study of it a specialty, and as a prerequisite to their future happiness and the happiness of their children and children’s children. And such as are cursed with the misfortune of being childless should study it for the purpose of trying to be useful to others.

Bishop Payne has brought out the brutality of children-beating parents in unmeasured terms and has shown how mothers can correct children with a frown and fathers by a look and a guttural tone. If parents will read this book, generations now sleeping in the womb of the future will rise up and call Bishop Payne blessed, and thousands of children now on their way to ruin will be snatched, as fire-brands, from destruction. The Bishop has spent about fifty years in the study of this subject, and he now comes forth in a treatise, such as I have never seen before. Let the ministers of my district procure it by all means. As I see no place provided for its sale in the CHRISTIAN RECORDER, send a dollar to the Bishop at Wilberforce, Ohio, and I am sure the book will come. The price is one dollar.

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