Scotia Seminary

Savannah Colored Tribune: March 25, 1876

Editor Tribune – I spent yesterday at Scotia Seminary, and without giving a lengthy description of the place, I beg to say, that I am pleased beyond expression. It is situated on a prominent elevation in the suburbs of the town, commands a large and romantic view, furnished with the purest of water, and is in every respect splendid for a Seminary. Rev. Luke Dorland, A. M., and his inestimable wife, are in charge of the Institution, and amore fit couple could not be found. All the teachers, I may say are in full sympathy with the race, and therefore are the persons for the place.

I had the pleasure of trying to preach twice, and broke down at night, but a more attentive audience I have seldom if ever seen. The young ladies at this Seminary are well protected, and are advanced with as much rapidity as they are capable of enduring.

I commend Scotia Seminary to all who have daughters. The rates are cheap, only $15 per quarter, or for every three months.

I am, &c.,

H. M. Turner.

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