Christian Recorder: April 27, 1867

Mr. Editor- Not desiring to do anyone the least injustice, whatever I beg, leave after hearing and learning more of the history and character of Col. Gabriel, assistant commissioner of the Freedman’s Bureau at Cuthbert GA, to correct what I published as a rumor, concerning him some three months ago. I stated this time, however that I only wrote from rumor. So far as his treatment to the colored people were concerned, I have since learned from unquestionable authority that there were several statements incorrect. And that the man who came to the church and ordered the noise stopped in Col. Gabriel’s name, acted upon his own authority. He may thank his wooden god that he was sheltered behind Col. Gabriel’s name that night; otherwise he might have carried away a sore head. Col. Gabriel is an old friend of our race, has been an active advocate of their rights for years, when it cost something to be a friend. I would have made this correction some time ago but for the threatening of arrest which came rapidly. And as I never allow any man to bully me, I waited until I was ready to move, so I now take pleasure in acknowledging Col. Gabriel as a gentlemen, patriot and philanthropist.


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