Letter From Atlanta, GA
Christian Recorder: February 1, 1868

Mr. Editor:--I promised a few weeks ago, to inform you of the number of ministers of the A.M.E. Church, that are in the Georgia Constitutional Convention, but owing to the great press of business on hand, and the committee duties of the writer, I have been unable to comply with my promise up to the present writing. But from a letter received today, calling my attention to that promise, likely I would not delay now. These gentlemen are the following named divines:

Hons. Henry Strickland, Robert Cromly, and H.M. Turner, Elders of the A.M.E. Church. Hons. Wm. H. Noble, Robert Alexander, Thomas Craton, Isaac Anderson, John Whittaker, and M. Jones, Deacons, of the A.M.E. Church. J.T. Costin, Preacher of the Zion A.M. E. Church.

T.G. Campbell, Elder.

Besides there are six other gentlemen who are members of the A.M.E. Church.

So you see that the A.M.E. Church can claim over half of the colored delegation, and without any flattery at all these gentlemen wield the greatest influence by far. Though Mr. Campbell of the Zion Church has a great power, and often turns the tide of events by his powerful eloquence. That Church has an able representative in the person of Hon. T. G. Campbell.

Our intellectual combats are many and sometimes fierce. The whites have been greatly surprise at the loyal knowledge pile up in the Convention by colored men, and some who came here to fight the right of the Negro to hold office, have caved in, and are willing for him to hold anything. We have been in session thirty days, and will likely remain the most of February. Though, I as one am tired now. I thought I knew something of politics before, but I find I know nothing until I came here and if I ever get out of this struggle, I want no more to do with it. I have notified my constituents to nominate me no more for any political position. And I would advise all preachers to keep out of this arena, for it’s an incessant pow-wow


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