Washington Correspondence
Christian Recorder: November 8, 1862

Turner writes about the happenings in Washington, DC

Keywords: Contrabands, Catholic Church, Revivals

Mr. Editor: To snatch a feather from the wing of time with which to record a few passing events, and bid hush all bothering distractions till the work is executed, would not, I think, be out of place. The wheels of life must ever and anon revolve till touched by the chilly waters of death. And while they revolvingly speed their way through time’s changing cycles, the greatest possible use must be levied upon it immunities. The best uses must be made of the best advantages, and there is nothing (life) ever offers itself at all times more favorably than the grace of God. In whatever condition, or in whatever circumstance an individual may be placed, the great saving element is needful. In health it is a protection from the ungodly acts of the world; in sickness, a solace more comforting that can be obtained from the perishable objects of all sublunary things; in death, a sure protection from the anger of an incensed God, or the thundering denunciations of the judgment. With this heaven donated virtue, the children of Immanuel are ever garrisoned and fortressed against ever assailing danger. Hell’s raging billows may roll and dash only to fall shattered at their feet, but stationed upon the mount of protection, they are insured against what- ever may oppose.

Several Catholic sisters have been holding a festival this week for the benefit of the contrabands. I am informed they were largely patronized. It is a glorious thing that no denominational differences exist in regard to the contrabands, but every-one appears to work regardless of sect. Rev. Caleb Woodyard, pastor of Second Baptist Church, has also a very fine festival going on in his church. Several of the industrious sisters of said church are holding up his hands peculiarly, like sisters indeed. Rev. Woodyard is very much beloved by his congregation, and has a crowded church at all times. He has taken in some thirty five members within five months.

The Quarterly Meetings of Rev. Jas. A. Handy came off last Sabbath, but owing to its being a rainy day, few persons were out.

Rev. David Smith is still in the city, and has an extensive medical practice. I am informed that he is coining the dimes to his own desire. The Israel Lyceum, lately organized, is prospering flatteringly. The genius displayed by some young men that might have been considered raw material is astounding. It bids fair to be one of the noblest institutions ever connected with that church.
There is great complaint in high circles against the slow movements of General McClellan. I am informed that even members of the Cabinet are disgusted.

They have been holding a week’s meeting in Israel Church, which was attended with evidences of God’s approval.

                                                                                                                      H. M. T.

Washington, Nov. 1, 1862

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