Washington Correspondence
Christian Recorder: March 21, 1863

There are considerable news in our city, and many things about which we could write, but I have been so intensely engaged during the entire week with matters of a literary character; matter too, which has so taxed my mental faculties, that I am completely exhausted, and therefore must be excused in failing to furnish you with a regular correspondence. I do wish that some of our talented young men would take my place as a correspondent, for I am so taxed for time, that when I see my hurriedly thrown together articles in the paper, I often blush and Heaven knows what others do, for some of them look miserable. I would merely observe that Rev. William T. Catto is in the city and presented last evening a splendid sermon at the First Baptist Church, where they are holding a glorious revival.

                                                                                                                                            H. M. T.

Washington, March 14th, 1863

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