Bishop Turner Writes
Christian Recorder: February 4, 1897 

Just as the House of Bishops was about to adjourn their session in New Orleans, yours of the 21st instant, came into my possession and in glancing over it, my eyes fell upon an article under the head of: “An African Bishop,” which I found to be a labored editorial setting forth among other things that the Bishops of the A.M.E Church while in Council, would consider, among other things, the propriety and importance of electing and ordaining a Bishop for the work in Africa. You certainly must have been at a loss for something to write about. You heard no other Bishop express himself as favorable to such a contingency except myself, and I did so in some impromptu remarks before the Preacher’s meeting in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, and possibly I told you personally, that I would favor it if necessity arose. But it never entered my mind during the four days the Bishops were in session, nor was there a word uttered about it pro et con. You will therefore hurl your shaft of African hate at me and not at the House of Bishops. For as such, they knew nothing about the matter having been even talked. If you will now use your pen in writing something to the church in the interest of our needy missionaries in Africa, you will render a service to the cause of Christ.

H. M. Turner

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