Who Wishes to Help Africa
Christian Recorder: August 6, 1891

Dear Brethren: -----Please God, I shall start for the continent of Africa, at any moment after the first of October. Among other things, to look after our mission work there, and endeavor to encourage the hearts of our missionaries---who are at a great sacrifice, laboring to establish and perpetuate our church upon; the grandest division of the globe; and assist in bringing four hundred millions of people to civilization and Christianity.

All of you, who have any concern in the salvation of these millions who do not believe that God blundered when he made a black man; who believe that anything of merit or worth is in the Negro; who are not willing to spend a life-time in praying for the people of Africa---and who rise up and slur in speech and sermon the very people for whom you prayed a moment before; who believe that God did not make our race to be perpetual menials, domestics and scullions for others; who have any hope, faith, prospect, or anticipation for the future of our race, and are willing to lend a helping hand in their elevation: to all such, I beg to say, if you will set apart some odd time, when you have no regular service in your churches or for your congregation, and preach, lecture, or sing and pray, or get some other minister, white or colored, to do it for you, or someone not a minister to make a speech, and lay the matter before your people, and let them give

what they choose to aid our African work; or if you will give anything, yourself, I will take your contribution there in person and use it to the best advantage I know how, and report the same when I return.

Now, remember, this is no conference collection, Easter collection, missionary collection or any collection to be reported anywhere; nor am I begging you for a cent. If you wish to help Africa, here is your chance; if you do not, let it alone and hold your peace. I know thousands of our people care no more for the millions of Africa, than they do for pandemonium itself; judging from the interest manifested; so I am not talking to that class at all.

I am addressing those who do care and are able and willing to help in her redemption. Therefore all who are willing to assist in the good work, by either giving something themselves or by calling an extra meeting in their churches, or holding a mass meeting in the streets or elsewhere, please send it to Rev. B. F. Lee, D. D., 631 Pine Street, Philadelphia, P. A., who will publish the same in The Christian Recorder, that all the friends of Africa may see what is done.

Remember, we have missionaries in Africa at work, who have never received a cent. Bear in mind now, I am not asking for a nickel. Do as you please. If you wish to help, do so, if you do not, hands and tongue off. God will see that Africa is not damned. Men and women will rise out of the ground from beneath your very feet and dispel her gloom and flare her jungles with gospel light.

This is no appeal, but simply an announcement of an opportunity to help a good cause. All who wish to help, ministers, members, outsiders or sinners, please forward to Dr. Lee before September 25th, 1891, as I would like it all to be published before I start.

H. M. Turner.

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