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Christian Recorder: September 21, 1876

After being here several weeks, I have just found time to examine the subscription roll of the RECORDER, other duties and responsibilities having so monopolized my time and attention. I am surprised to find, according to our books, so many in debt for the paper. They are neither paying subscription nor postage money. The paper cannot live at this rate. We have to pay postage before the paper leaves the office, every time, too, we mail it; so that those who do not pay one or both, become leeches upon our Publication Department. Will you be a blood sucker? Your postage is about 25 cents a year; do you want somebody to pay it for you? I have a large number who pretend to be insulted because Manager Hunter stopped their paper & c, yet the books show that many of them were months and years in arrears; and still owe hundreds of dollars, which the United States law authorizes me to collect, and after a reasonable time, those indebted for the paper may expect to hear from us, withstanding it is stopped. But this is to notify those who take the paper and are in debt for it, that unless you pay up, we shall in a few weeks from now, drop your names from the role; but we will not drop what you owe for it. That is a sacred debt, which I am sure you will pay, as you would not have those who do pay up regularly (God bless them) to bear your expenses, while you reap the benefit. We are endeavoring to give you a first class paper, and intend to make it much better, if the readers and friends will only help us to make it meet its own expenses. If you cannot pay all at once, then pay some now, and some at another time. We will be glad to get it any way, for there is no one here who wishes to deprive you of your paper. But we are not able to send it to you free. So now pay up, and let us have no words about it, - we are waiting.

H.M.TURNER, Publisher

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