Colored State Convention

Christian Recorder: September 26, 1868

In view of this state of things, we call upon the colored men of every county in the State to send delegates to a State Convention of colored citizens, to be held in the city of Macon, on the first Tuesday in October 1868, for the purpose of taking into consideration our condition, and determining upon the best course for the future. There can be no doubt that our personal liberty is in as great danger as our civil and political rights. The same power which would override the Constitution is one thing will do it in another. It is, therefore, a solemn duty which every colored man owes to himself, his family and his country, to maintain his manhood and his right to citizenship. It is our duty to meet and invoke Congressional aid in the security of our rights. Rally, then rally, colored voters, for your rights, your citizenship, and your personal liberty! Send your delegates with sufficient funds to remain until the business of the Convention is completed. Guard against all disturbances, as this is a moral contest, a bloodless battle. Drunkards and fools fight in person, sober and wise men fight with thoughts and words.

As soon as this notice comes to hand, begin to get your delegates ready.

H.M. TURNER, President

C & P R Association

JAMES PORTER, Secretary.

P.S.-The President may be addressed at Macon, and Secretary at Savannah.

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