Camp Meeting
Christian Recorder: August 28, 1873

1) And it came to pass, in the fifth year and seventh month of the reign of Ulysses, whose surname is Grant; even the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy and three.

2) There lived in Savannah, Ga. A certain divine, who ruled over many people, for he was a captain in the army of the Lord; and a mighty man in the church, even a presiding Elder.

3) The name of this mighty man was “Henry, but his sur-name was Taylor, and many preachers, elders, deacons, and prophets were under his control, for his district was very large.

4) And it came to pass in those days, that Henry issued a proclamation to all of his noblemen (preachers) and the people who were his subjects, (members) saying: “that on the first day of the eighth month, even August, he would hold a camp meeting.”

5) And the tidings went abroad through all the land, for the people were glad and rejoiced greatly at the saying of Henry.

6) And the name of the camp ground was Macedonia, in the country of Liberty, where there was much water, dust, red bugs, and fleas.

7) However, great multitudes of people came from the east, and from the west, and from the north and south; with chariots, wagons, buggies carriages, ox-carts, and on horses, mules and asses, and a mighty host came on foot.

8) And the oxen lowed, the horses neighed, and the asses brayed, and great was the noise of the multitudes when they met while shaking each others hands, and telling one another howdy.

9) Moreover, the people brought a large quantity of bread, potatoes, rice, meat, sugar, coffee, tea, and many chickens, ducks, turkeys, and watermelons, which they ate without mercy.

10) And it came to pass, that Henry stood in the door of his tabernacle and many of the Elders and noblemen, gathered around him to hear what he would speak.

11) And Henry lifted up his voice and spake with great authority and power, saying “blow ye the trumpet loud and strong,” that all people both old and young may hear the sound thereof.

12) And a certain man went out from the presence of the tabernacle. And halted at the great temple (arbor) which was seated and covered with shingles toward off the wet of the rain and the best of the sun; and he blew the trumpet loud and long.

13) And the people heard it they were exceedingly glad, and they gathered themselves together in great numbers, under the roof of the great temple. And a certain man who had seen many winters, (for his head was white with age, and his brow was wrinkled with time) lifted up his voice and sang “Jesus –my all to heaven is gone.”

14) And when the people heard him they joined in the chorus, and all sang together, the singing was sweet beyond description. And many that were absent when they heard the mellifluent sound drew near, and sat breathless.

15) And Henry came out of his tabernacle with many Elders with him (for he was in the preacher’s tent).And they drew near to the great temple, where the people were singing and making Holy music.

16) And by order of Henry one of the Elders who was called Preston, but whose surname was Brown, went up into the pulpit, and after much singing and prayer – he preached.

17) And Preston preached loud and long, for he had a great voice, and much knowledge, And many were the good things Preston said.

18) And Henry was pleased with Preston, and he blessed him and wished that all his preachers could talk like him, And Preston was pleased, for he smiled at him.

18) Now the people sang and prayer like the voice of many waters and all the woods, rang with sounds of their exclamations. And the elders, Doctors, and wise men preached and spake many great and good words unto the people.

20) Moreover the mourners crowded the Altar, and prayed and groaned and wept, and they ceased not day or night to call upon the Lord God of Israel.

21) And on the second day of the meeting, Henry stood upon his feet and spoke with a land voice, saying “Hear O my people, to-morrow I want you to sanctify yourselves unto the Lord, and neither eat nor drink, nor chew any tobacco, nor smoke any pipe or segars. But keep a fast unto the Lord thy God.

22) And when the people heard this saying, a few said Amen, but many sighed and groaned, and turned away sorrowful, for they had a mind both to eat and gormandize.

23) and early the next morning many of the people rose, and went to the great temple for prayer meeting, and remained all day singing, praying and shouting, neither did they eat, drink or use tobacco, for they had sanctified themselves to the Lord.

24) But a mighty host heeded not the saying of Henry, for they eat and drank from the rising of the sun to the going doing of the same. Among that number was one Henry whose surname was Turner, or he said he was too sick to fast, but Henry was well known as a terrible eater, so the Elders were not much surprised at him not fasting.

25) But during the day a certain Elder, who had spoke in mighty words, on the benefits of fasting and had urged all to join with him in sanctifying the day as a fast to the Lord, was caught out in some bushes eating for life and death. And Henry mourned with great lamentation because of his hypocrisy, but the Elders laughed him to scorn.

25) And when the fast was ended, Lewis whose surname was Tyson preached, and Lewis had eaten so much, that he got loosed, for his stomach had more in it at the time, than his head and Lewis felt ashamed of his misfortune,

26) But Preston delivered such a powerful exhortation, that the people said Amen, and glorified the Lord their God, and so great was their joy, that they called upon the Lord all night.

27) And so great was the noise that reverberated through the surrounding wilderness, that neither coon, rabbit, fox, nor any other wild beast dared to stir all the night, for the people screamed, jumped, bellowed, and shouted like the voice of seven thunders.

28) And when it was morning, lo and behold, more than a half score of converts were going from tent to tent, telling what the Lord had done for them. And a certain young woman preached mightier than any of the Elders, for her words were clothed with great power and eloquence, so much so, that Henry marveled, and the Elders were amazed.

29) And among the Elders and chief captains, was one Samuel whose surname was Steward, And when Samuel saw these things, he glorified God, and shouted with the simplicity of a child, and great was his joy and the shouting of Samuel was like an earthquake among the people, for it set the battle in array, as it had not been before.

30) And many devils and unclean spirits were cast out, and the deaf, the blind, the dumb, were healed, and the dead were raised, and people rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

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