Colored Men of Enterprise. Read This

Wilmington, N.C.

April 12th, 1865

Christian Recorder: April 29, 1865

Mr. Editor: Please inform the public generally, that the event of their desiring any information relative to Wilmington, touching Schools, Mercantile enterprises, Mechanical affairs, lectures, exhibitions, &c. &c., they will find it much to their interest to correspond with Mr. Alfred Howe, in the event, they find it inconvenient to come in person. I make this statement from the fact, that Mr. Howe is for general advancement, not only in educational point of view but is exceedingly anxious to see colored men make this place a great commercial base. And as this city is very largely populated now, and is destined to become much more so, being the commercial base for an extensive interior, Mr. Howe, and several others influential gentlemen, regard the present time, the most favorable opportunity for colored men to take advantage of promising distinction. Mr. Howe is, therefore, desirous of becoming acquainted with men of money, men of art, men of enterprise, and men of learning. We first made his acquaintance in Columbia, S.C., about ten years ago, and have met him on several occasions since that time, only to find him the same gentlemen.

Having found him here, on my arrival in the city, possessing all the characteristics traits which he had before our communications were interrupted by the rebellion, I take pleasure in speaking of him thus, without any request or knowledge on his part. Much could be said on the enterprising spirit of the colored Wilmingtonians, but you will soon learn these facts, by their commendable acts. Any of the above class of persons desiring information will please address Alfred Howe, Wilmington, N.C.

Very Truly Yours,

H. M. Turner Chaplain 1st U.S.C. Troops

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