Letter from H. M. Turner to Hon. E. M. Stanton

National Archives and Records Administration: Colored Troops Division: RG 94

August 1, 1863

Dear Sir, Having been connected with the movement of raising colored troops, from its commencement in this city,

And having by repeated Solicitations, concluded to go as the chaplain of the first colored regiment, the organization was commenced in my church,

And having at the request of Cols Birney and Holman sent in my application, endorsed by five regularly ordained ministers,

And having been kept in suspense for some time, expecting the position of chaplain, from the promises made by the above named colonels, and the desire expressed by the Soldiers, and several of the officers of said regiment,

Your honor would great relieve me, by informing me ONCE FOR ALL whether it is the intention of the government to have colored chaplains or not,

By answering this question, pleasing your honor, you will settle my own mind on the subject, and enable me to inform my congregation what they may depend on your humble servant

H M Turner

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