Letter from H. M. Turner to Hon. E. M. Stanton
Front of Petersburg, VA June 30th 1864

From: National Archive and Records Administration: Letters Received, ser. 12, RG 94.

Turner writes to Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton for some type of recognition on the uniforms of chaplains

I have been appointed by Chaplains Hunter of the 4th US col Troops, Asher of the 6th U.S.C.T. and Green of the 37th US col Troops. In conjunction with my own endorsement, to petition your honor, to set apart some mark that will designate the position of Chaplain, we not having any badge or mark by which we are known, subjects us to a thousand inconveniences, especially at hospitals where we are the most needed, unless the guards know us personally. We are often treated below a private, not allowed to enter where we have important business, and sometimes driven away unless we show our Chaplain’s appointment. We most respectfully ask for some special mark, either a strap on the shoulder, or a stripe on the arm, And we will everyday pray your most truly


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