A Chaplain’s Letter

Camp Near Portsmouth, Va. Jan 4, 1864

Christian Recorder: January 9, 1864 

Turner writes on the need for copies of the Recorder to reach soldiers in his regiment. 

Rev. E. Weaver—Dear Sir: -- I have written for the Recorder some four or five times. First, because I wanted to see what it was saying; secondly, because I wanted to get it in circulation through our regiment; thirdly, because I have learned to love the Recorder and respect its editor, and therefore desire to give it all the patronage possible. But insomuch as you are determined to keep it out of my reach, I now most willingly grant you your desire, but will say that I have employed Mr. Harry P. Jones a teacher in my regiment, from Washington, to write your paper, as there is so much going on here, that I know would be interesting and would greatly enhance its value.

Mr. Jones, by your permission, will both write and act as agent for you, if it is desired by you. I would further say, that it would be of great value to you and your cause, to visit Portsmouth and Norfolk, provided you could come and stay about two weeks. I am confident you could get any quantity of subscribers. I think if you would come down in about ten days, when the troops are to be paid off, it will be worth one or two hundred subscribers. Our regiment is in Portsmouth doing provost duty.

Very truly,

H. M. Turner.

Chaplain, 1st U. S. Colored Troops

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